December 9, 2024 - December 11, 2024
09:00 - 16:00
The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Topo-Badagry, Lagos

While efficiency and cost effectiveness are the primary objectives of public procurement, governments, recognising public procurement’s relevance and impact, are increasingly using it in a strategic way to pursue broader or complementary policy objectives, thus achieving sustainability and growth. . Sustainable procurement means that purchased goods, services and works that are acquire through the government for public service delivery, achieve value for money and generate benefits not only for the government, but also for the environment, society and the economy

Due to its increasing significance and strategic use, public procurement is highly relevant in the promotion of economic outcomes and sound public governance

ASCON is saddled with three principal roles namely:  Training, Research and Consultancy.   In performing these roles, ASCON is expected to facilitate experiential learning activities, maintain a functional library as well as engage in publications for the purpose of disseminating knowledge as widely as possible.

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